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Concentri® API

Concentri® API

What is the Concentri® API?

The Concentri® API is a web service API. It is a way for users to interact with the Concentri® application using request/response messages through the web. The user gains access to the Concentri services by using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) messages that communicate between the user and the Knotice API. Before the user can access the API they will need to register their IP address with Knotice and will need to be provided an access token (see Authentication). The Knotice API supports two formats. They are SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representation State Transfer). The user has the choice of which format they would like to use when making the requests. The Knotice API provides five web services that are available to the user. Each service provides API access to a part of Concentri®. The services are:

  • Commerce Service – Provides methods to add, update, and delete retail orders and offers, and can send order confirmation emails or mobile messages from Concentri®.
  • Email Service – Provides methods to preview, send emails and retrieve email reporting from Concentri®.
  • Mobile Service – Provides a method to send mobile messages from Concentri®.
  • Profile Service – Provides methods to add, update, and delete profiles and subscriptions in Concentri®. Gets profile information and activity from Concentri®.
  • Web Service – Provides a method to retrieve web activity reporting from Concentri®

Getting Started...

More on REST

What this means is that methods are called over HTTP using standard HTTP Request Types; GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. HTTP is supported by nearly any platform and language so this makes the Concentri® API available to nearly any system. Even more on REST.

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